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Navigating Excellence with Wayfinding Signs

Create an effortless journey through physical spaces with the introduction of wayfinding signs in your business. These sign solutions are specially designed to offer guidance and information in complex environments, allowing for positive experiences.

Total SignWorks, a team of signage professionals based in Calgary, takes the lead in crafting wayfinding signs for businesses of all sizes and in many industries. Our mission is to empower our clients to organize their interior and exterior settings, providing customers with a navigation experience that is not just efficient but exceptional.

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The Essence of Wayfinding Signs

Airport wayfinding hanging sign by Total Sign Works

Wayfinding signs, strategically positioned indoors and outdoors, play a pivotal role in managing crowded areas and efficiently guiding people to their desired destinations. By leveraging our expertise, Total SignWorks can ensure that your business’s wayfinding signage journey is not just a tool for navigation but a promise for seamless experiences.

Explore the Types and Purposes of Wayfinding Signage

Explore the different types wayfinding signage, each serving a unique purpose:

Identification Signs

Effortlessly guiding visitors to their destinations, these signs identify building names, room names, and designated areas within a space.

Directional Signs

Offer clear guidance to visitors and employees by ensuring proper signage guides them from one point to another.

Regulatory Signs

Display essential rules and regulations with these signs to cover safety measures, accessibility guidelines, emergency locations and exits, and community needs.

Informational Signs & Wayfinding Decals

Convey general information via maps, instructions, product descriptions, and promotions with information signage. These signs not only provide wayfinding information but also contribute to the overall understanding of a space and its available services.

Custom Wayfinding Signs

Tailored to reflect the impactful identity of a business, custom signage creatively integrates logos, values, and other brand guidelines. Whether your goal is to enhance work culture with interior signs or reinforce your brand’s presence with exterior signs, custom wayfinding signage are versatile enough to achieve any goal.

Strategic Placement for Maximum Impact

Interior Wayfinding Signs

Enhance the organization of office spaces and various establishments with interior wayfinding signs. Effective navigation within complex structures ensures a better overall visiting experience, thus encouraging repeat visits and referrals.

From boosting productivity in office spaces to identifying resources in healthcare facilities, these signs can be applied to several industries to elevate the journey for customers, clients, stakeholders, employees, and more.

Hanging wayfinding sign makers in Calgary
Outdoor wayfinding signage by Total Sign Works

Exterior Directional Signage

Installed outside of establishments, these signs display building and company names prominently and eye-catchingly. They not only identify your business, but they also convey important information to drivers and pedestrians. From delivery instructions to parking guidance, wayfinding signs begin the customer journey on the right foot before even walking through your front doors.

Moreover, by consistently reinforcing your brand throughout these outdoor sign solutions, your business is more likely to establish a memorable impression and become trustworthy to local consumers.

Your Wayfinding Journey Starts Here

If you seek exceptional wayfinding signs that enhance productivity and reinforce your brand, Total SignWorks is your go-to signage partner.

From design conceptualization to professional installation, our dedicated team will support you throughout the entire signage journey. With wayfinding solutions for both exterior and interior uses, we provide businesses like yours with custom signage that unlocks their brand potential and brings their vision to life.

Contact us today for more information on how wayfinding signs are the first step towards transforming your business’s navigational experience. Your journey begins with Total SignWorks.

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