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Elevating Interior Space with Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are an integral part of interior space structuring, making a profound impact as the initial impression on customers when entering a building. They set the tone for visitors, introducing them to a business’s space, its cultures, and values.

Beyond mere aesthetics, these signs serve a multitude of functions, from welcoming guests to reinforcing brand identity, offering essential information and facilitating seamless navigation.

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Crafting Excellence in Lobby Signage

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Total SignWorks is an exceptional signage partner that specializes in both indoor and outdoor signage. We cater to a diverse clientele, delivering high-quality interior signage that not only enhances the functionality of interior spaces but also promotes a strong brand image. With our team of lobby sign makers in Calgary, we help business leaders to unlock the potential of their business by optimizing their signage efforts and maximizing their first impressions.

Discovering the Types of Lobby Signs

Explore the various types of business lobby signs, each designed to serve a unique purpose or achieve a goal for you:

Logo Signs

Using materials such as metal, acrylic, or wood, these signs prominently display a company’s logo and name and reflect its brand proudly. Custom lobby signs offer businesses the chance to express their identity in a distinct, visible, and creative way.

Lobby 3D Signs

Infuse an extra dimension into your interior space with three-dimensional lobby signs. Consider lighting options, including front-lit and backlit lobby sign designs, to enhance the visibility of your signage and, thus, its ability to capture attention.

Directory Signs

These signs are vital in complex building structures, especially if they feature multiple floors or businesses. They guide visitors to the correct office, room, or floor. Metal lobby signs are commonly employed for this purpose, ensuring durability and clear navigation.

Mission Statement Signs

Transform your interior space with lobby signs that showcase your company’s mission statement or core values. Inspire employees by fostering a cohesive work culture and impress customers by connecting through shared values. For example, custom acrylic lobby signs provide an ideal canvas for creatively displaying motivational information.

Enhance Productivity and Branding: Key Considerations

Installing the perfect lobby sign requires careful consideration of several factors, including:

Visibility and Legibility

Optimal visibility and readability is paramount to the sign’s overall impact. Our signage specialists will help you choose the right size, font, colors, and contrasts to ensure your lobby sign is clear and prominent from all angles.

Brand Consistency

Strengthen your brand recognition by maintaining consistency across all signage. Elements, such as color, font, and style, used in your lobby wall sign should complement the existing space and become easily integrated into your signage system.


Take advantage of the customization opportunities we offer by showcasing your business’s name, logo, brand graphics, and more within your lobby sign!


High-quality materials, exemplified in metal lobby signs, 3D lobby signs, and acrylic lobby signs, reflect the standard and professionalism of your business. Choose your material based on its visual appeal, durability, and aesthetics.

Craft Your Signature Lobby Sign with Total SignWorks

A well-designed lobby sign is a transformative element that can elevate your business’s presence, reinforce your brand’s identity, boost productivity, and expand your customer base. To unlock all this potential, it is important to partner with a high-quality signage company like Total SignWorks.

As a full-service signage shop, we’re always ready to partner with business leaders, like yourself, and help them craft beautifully impactful signage that takes their company to new heights.

With comprehensive sign services in Calgary, from design to installation to ongoing maintenance and repairs, our team supports each step of the signage journey. If you’re ready to secure the perfect lobby sign for your business, contact us today!

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