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Illuminate Your Brand with Electrical Signs

Are you looking to amplify your business with the power of innovative sign technology? Do you envision a signage solution as versatile as your vision? Are you eager to convey diverse messages with ease?

If any of these questions resonate with you, it’s time to explore the world of electronic signage. These modern sign solutions grant business leaders, like yourself, unprecedented control to shape and share your brand narrative effortlessly. With the push of a button, you can unveil new messaging or visuals, connecting with your audience in real-time.

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Choosing Electrical Signs for Industries in Calgary

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Calgary is home to businesses of many industries, so it’s essential to determine if electronic signs align with your business goals and needs. They have numerous applications across diverse industries, including:

Curious about what these signs can accomplish? Browse examples of how business owners use electronic signage to relay critical information or achieve their long-term goals:

Explore Our Selection of Custom Electrical Signs

At Total SignWorks, we specialize in custom solutions that align with your specific needs and desired outcomes. Our offerings each serve various purposes, including:

Electrical Safety Signs

With their eye-catching displays, electronic safety signs amplify visibility, ensuring onlookers see and understand the displayed information. These signs can used for various industries, such as construction and manufacturing, to enhance security and keep employees safe.

Indoor Electronic LED Signs

Commonly found in sports arenas, casinos, airports, and shopping malls, the applications of these signs are vast. For example, programmable LED signs provide real-time information, while full-screen digital directories help people navigate to their destination.

Electronic Message Centres (EMCs):

Message centres are a broad signage category that can be combined with other sign types, such as monument signs, post and panel signs, and storefront signs. These dazzling LED displays captivate passersby with customized messages, graphics, and animation.

What Are the Benefits of Electrical Signs?

Enhance Your Message’s Visibility

Electronic signs use bright LED lights to ensure maximum visibility, whether indoors or outdoors, reaching your target audiences effectively.

Create Interactive Displays

 In crowded commercial districts, electronic signs stand out by engaging onlookers with eye-catching content, helping your business outshine competitors.

Improve Safety in Facilities

From traffic alerts to job site procedures, these signs play a vital role in enhancing safety and promoting communication within facilities.

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