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Post and Panel Signs

Did you know approximately 50% of all new customers discover a business through its signage? It’s undeniable; professional signs are paramount for setting your business up for success. However, in a dynamic area like Calgary, choosing the right sign can be a challenge.

Enter Total SignWorks, your partner for premium outdoor signage solutions. With custom post and panel signs, businesses gain access to a durable and affordable exterior signage option that generates lasting impressions. From enhancing your business’s visibility to guiding customers through your front doors, our seasoned team is ready to craft a sign that checks off all your boxes.

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Unlock the Versatility of Post and Panel Signage

Post and panel signs stand out as one of the most versatile types of outdoor signage, boasting a wide range of applications across countless industries. Let’s explore some of the ways these signs are used:

Real Estate Signs

 For realtors seeking to advertise available properties, post and panel signs offer an enduring solution that effectively piques the interest of passersby.

Construction Signs

In the construction industry, these signs serve as vital communication tools, informing the local community of upcoming projects and ensuring worker safety.

Business Signs

From retail stores to restaurants, post and panel signs are a sophisticated visual display to announce your presence in the area and direct potential customers to your doorstep. Choose from wood, metal, or composite materials to align your new signage with your company’s brand.

Wayfinding Signs

In large complexes like hospitals or shopping malls, this signage works effortlessly to guide visitors to their destination, enhancing their overall experience

Experience the Benefits of Custom Post and Panel Signs

Business leaders often ask, “Why choose post and panel signs over other outdoor signage options?” At Total SignWorks, we’ll help you unlock their unique benefits, including:

Durable Temporary Signage

Whether advertising a sale, event, or limited-time offer, post and panel signs are the perfect temporary signage, combining durability and affordability.

Affordable Sign Solutions

Offering cost-effective options without compromising quality, these sign solutions maximize your investment and amplify your brand message. Consider using different messages for each side, doubling the sign’s impact.

Endless Personalization Potential

With custom post and panel signs, ranging from high-quality wood and metal to acrylic and composite materials, the sky is the limit for your ideal sign. Our talented designers will work with you closely to bring your vision to life.

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Let Total SignWorks elevate your exterior with high-quality signage designed with your unique business goals in mind. Our full-service sign company handles every aspect of your signage journey, from the design and installation, ensuring a seamless experience and premium results.

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