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ADA Signs & Signage

Accessible signage is vital to promote equality and inclusivity. Regardless of any physical, cognitive, or additional impairments, ADA signs ensure that anyone who enters your business can seamlessly navigate through your workspaces and engage with any available resources.

There are standards for design and installation that ensure a universal approach to this kind of signage; however, there is still room for creativity and personality that allows your brand to be incorporated into ADA signs.

If you’re ready to become a leader in your industry by making your business accessible, call Total SignWorks. Our experts specialize in crafting informative, directional, and locational ADA signs that align with legal requirements and promote inclusivity for all patrons.

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Where Are Custom ADA Signs Used?

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The ADA recommends installing accessibility signs in public facilities, such as government buildings, educational institutions, and businesses. These signs are meant to assist navigation for individuals with visual impairments and so much more.

Explore a selection of industries that benefit from ADA signs and signage:

Our Range of ADA-Compliant Signs

At Total SignWorks, we offer a diverse array of custom ADA signs to fulfill your branding and stylistics preferences. While there are legal standards that must be incorporated, there are design elements that can be customized to make your business stand out; our sign specialists position you at the forefront of the signage journey, ensuring your needs are met and expectations are exceeded.

Some of our options include:

Custom ADA-bathroom sign makers

Discover the Significance of ADA Signage

Partnering with a professional sign company to design and install ADA signs yields numerous benefits for your business and community, such as:

Enhance Business Accessibility

Investing in accessible signs ensures all individuals can access and enjoy an establishment.

Foster Inclusivity

Prioritizing accessibility positions your business as a leader in inclusivity, welcoming diverse groups of patrons and employees.

Ensure Safety

Custom ADA signs serve as vital directional and emergency signage, instilling a sense of security for all visitors.

What Are the Features of ADA-Compliant Signs?

AODA-compliant signs adhere to specific design and installation requirements, such as:

High-Contrast Design

Ensuring a high contrast between the sign’s background and text colours aids people with low vision.

Accessible Placement

Consistent placement for ADA signage throughout facilities enhances accessibility and ensures universality. For example, rooms signs are ideally positioned next to door handles to prevent injuries.

Tactile Elements

Incorporating braille, raised letters, or pictograms strengthens sign messages, ensuring comprehension by all individuals. For example, Braille signs ensure individuals with visual impairments are aware of the information a sign is conveying.

Our talented sign makers are knowledgeable about these design requirements, ensuring your signage is crafted to be compliant and personalized to make your business stand out.

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Are you looking for a reliable sign company in Calgary to execute your ADA signage project with precision? Look no further than Total SignWorks.

Our professional team will ensure your ADA-compliant signs are completed on time and within your budget, ensuring a comfortable experience for anyone who enters your business, regardless of ability.

Give us a call to book your consultation and embark on a journey to achieve inclusivity. Let us help you create accessible spaces with the right signage today!

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