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Are you on the quest to broaden your audience and let your brand shine among new customers? Did you know that vinyl vehicle wraps can generate a spectacular 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions?

Many businesses rely on commercial vehicles for the day-to-day operations, travelling throughout Calgary and its surrounding regions. Imagine turning these vehicles into mobile billboards, captivating attention with striking vehicle graphics. This isn’t just about introducing your business to other motorists; it’s about expanding your reach to new areas, boosting your marketing efforts overall.

The benefits are boundless, especially when your vehicle wraps are designed and produced by Total SignWorks, your trusted vehicle wrapping company.

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Explore the Types of Commercial Vehicle Wraps

Acknowledging the unique goals and needs of every business, Total SignWorks champions clients by engaging in close collaboration to find the perfect sign solution, such as:

Full Vehicle Wraps

Transform your entire vehicle into a captivating canvas, covering it from front to back. This wrap provides ample space for key messaging, brand elements, and large graphics that demand attention and proudly advertise your business

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Not ready for a full wrap? Opt for a partial wrap, strategically adding graphics or messaging to key areas for maximum visibility.

Vehicle Decals & Graphics

Resembling stylish stickers, Calgary vehicle decals offer a chance to experiment with signage. Choose key graphics or lettering for areas on your vehicles, such as the hood, trunk, or side door panels.

Navigating uncertainties about the ideal vehicle wrap for your Calgary business? Take charge of your business’s narrative by advocating for your unique needs and preferences. Our dedicated sign specialists are poised to steer you toward the perfect, tailor-made sign solutions. Let’s start the conversation with you today!

The Benefits of Calgary Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Investing in vinyl vehicle wraps unlocks a multitude of advantages, positioning business owners for success. Support your decision-making process by learning more about the benefits you will acquire with this valuable investment:

Boosted Visibility

Amidst a sea of monotonous vehicle colours, a vibrant design and unique graphics will stand out, demanding attention and making your business more memorable.

Increased Brand Recognition

Vehicle wraps in Calgary offer nearly limitless customization, allowing you to effortlessly incorporate brand elements into the design. Transform your vehicles into impactful brand touchpoints, fostering valuable recall

Become Brand Ambassadors

Whether making house calls or traversing residential neighbourhoods, a simple addition of your business name and logo turns your vehicle into a professional, reassuring presence.

24/7 Advertising

Your vehicles work around the clock, whether driving or parked. Their eye-catching qualities never cease, continuously promoting your business to anyone in the vicinity.


Unlike static signage, which requires a two-process for effectiveness, commercial vehicle wraps effortlessly capture attention on the move, doing legwork to travel to potential customers.

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Best vehicle wraps & graphics by Total Sign Works in Calgary

At Total SignWorks, we take pride in understanding our clients’ needs and surpassing their expectations with creative sign solutions. Embracing diverse perspectives allows us to see our clients’ visions in a new light and bring them to life in an innovative way.

With an inclusive workplace and a collaborative approach, we empower our clients by unlocking their business potential with impactful signage. By championing the success of our clients, we are dedicated to propelling their businesses to stand out within their industries, positioning them as leaders in their fields.

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