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Step into the spotlight with Acrylic signs.

As a business leader, take centre stage in your business journey by using the right signage to generate growth, enhance your professionalism, and attract your target audience.

Crafted from polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), commonly known as acrylic, these signs redefine sophistication and adaptability for both indoor and outdoor branding. With unmatched clarity, durability, and resistance to the elements, acrylic becomes the ideal canvas for your story.

Total SignWorks stands ready, as your trusted guide, to steer you toward success. As a Calgary-based signage company, we offer a diverse array of customizable signage solutions. With professional acrylic sign designs and seamless installation services, our experts will position your business perfectly for your industry.

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Unlock the Versatility of Acrylic Signs

Within your business landscape, acrylic signs emerge as versatile tools that can help shape your future and achieve your goals. By fulfilling various roles, from displaying logos and hours of operation to providing directions to key areas, these signs combine functionality with aesthetics. Your business name will find resonance in acrylic, impressing visitors and guiding employees.

Explore our signage offerings:

Stand-off Signs

Elevate your presence with signs mounted away from the wall, achieving a modern, floating allure with metal stand-offs.

Printed or Vinyl Graphics

The adaptability of acrylic allows direct application of vivid vinyl graphics and top-tier digital printing. Transform your sign into a vibrant masterpiece with these techniques.

LED Backlit Signs

Illuminate your journey with a LED-lit acrylic sign, captivating onlookers in dim setting and ensuring your business shines, even in the dark.

Custom Acrylic Signs

Shape your narrative perfectly with laser-cut acrylic. Customize your sign solutions by requesting any form or design that encapsulates your vision. Businesses can even imprint brand elements onto clear or frosted acrylic surfaces.

Unleash the Power of Using Acrylic Signage

Acrylic signs are a powerful visual communication tool that offers businesses and organizations in Calgary many advantages, including:


 Acrylic maintains its integrity in changing environments, regardless of weather conditions or general wear and tear. Whether you choose acrylic office door signs or business logos, this durable material will reinforce your brand beautifully for years.

Aesthetic Appeal

The traditional glossy finish of clear acrylic signs exudes professionalism, offering a canvas for impactful colours and polished edges. Alternatively, choose frosted acrylic signs for a private, sleek environment. Give your business the right aesthetic by choosing the right signage.


With the ability to function as business signage, information guidance, menu boards, and decor, acrylic signs can seamlessly integrate into a wide variety of environments. Identify your preferred business narrative and then craft an acrylic sign that complements it effortlessly.


Frosted or clear, large or small, coloured or printed – acrylic adheres to your vision, echoing your brand identity and values. Custom acrylic signs become a distinct representation of your business, helping to achieve its goals.

Embark on Your Signage Journey with Total SignWorks

Attractive acrylic sign made by Total Sign Works in Calgary

In the heart of Calgary, Total SignWorks extends its hand to businesses like yours, offering high-quality signs and graphics. Whether you envision acrylic signs for interior elegance or exterior branding, we ensure you find the perfect match for your unique goals.

From conceptualization to installation, our signage experts will help you navigate each step of the journey with precision and professionalism. We aren’t just your signage company – we are your signage partner, which extends beyond your next project.
Contact us today and let your acrylic sign become a symbol of your business’s commitment to ongoing success.

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