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Custom Signs In Calgary

In the fiercely competitive landscape of various industries, business owners face the challenge of devising creative strategies to make their brand memorable, leave a lasting impression, and draw in new customers. While marketing, branding, and advertising remain integral components of any business’s strategy, did you know there’s an innovative approach that accomplishes all three simultaneously?

Introducing custom signs – a powerful tool that helps businesses in Calgary to showcase their brand while presenting their products or services to a targeted audience. The limitless customization and versatility of sign solutions empower business owners to take control of their marketing strategy.

At Total SignWorks, as a custom sign company, our dedication is to provide businesses like yours in Calgary with high-quality sign solutions. We specialize in crafting unique designs and custom graphics that embody our clients’ individual personality and brand, ensuring they take a spotlight in their own narrative.

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Why Choose Custom Signage?

Custom signs in Calgary not only elevate your business’s presence in the community but also position your brand as the preferred choice. The advantages of custom-made signage extend beyond, unlocking a range of benefits that set your business up for success:

Integrate Your Brand

In a market where businesses often offer similar products of services, your brand is the unique identifier. Custom signs seamlessly incorporate your branding, transforming them into 24/7 ambassadors!

Make an Impression

With each glance at your custom-designed signs, potential customers have another opportunity to become familiar with your brand. It takes consistent impressions – five to seven, to be precise – for your brand to become memorable and a trustworthy choice for future purchases

Demand Attention with Custom Elements

Enhance your signage with unique elements, from illumination to mixed materials, ensuring it captures the attention of passersby. The more noticeable your sign, the greater the chance people will be drawn to your business.

Tell a Story

Customized signs provide the freedom to express your business’s values and beliefs. Use this opportunity to share your story with customers, building a connection based on shared values and creating a lasting impression.

Championing the Custom Signage and Graphics Process

Choose Your Sign Type

The journey of selecting the perfect sign type not only considers its alignment with your business goals, but how it amplifies your purpose and accommodates your budget. Let our sign specialists guide you by recommending sign types that resonate with your key objectives. Elevate your visibility with options like illuminated signs or custom wraps, strategically suggested for maximum impact.

Create a Design

Step into the pivotal design phase, where our team immerses itself in a close collaboration with you. We delve into the essence of your business, understand your goals, and explore your design preferences. Whether you bring an existing design or entrust our graphic designers to craft custom graphics, rest assured, we will bring your vision to life and make your narrative visually compelling.


Witness your vision materialize into reality during the production phase. We deploy high-quality materials and exacting processes to ensure each detail aligns perfectly with your specifications. Every inch of your sign is crafted with precision and dedication, exemplifying our commitment to delivering excellence.


Experience the seamless transformation of your space as our professional sign installers orchestrate a safe and secure installation tailored to your convenience. Say goodbye to disruptions and welcome a sign that not only captivates but endures. Trust us to preserve the longevity of your sign, ensuring it stands the test of time and acts as a testament to your business’s future.

Looking for a Custom Sign Company?

Custom sign company in Calgary

Total SignWorks is your beacon for comprehensive custom sign solutions in Calgary, Alberta. We are not just a custom sign company; we are your partners in crafting representative designs and cultivating a productive, inclusive environment for your signage journey.

From custom vinyl banners that tell your story to wall murals that leave a lasting impression, our diverse array of signs ensures there is a perfect match for everyone, irrespective of their unique preferences.

Give us a call today to kickstart your next signage project! Thrilled to be your collaborators, we are ready to position your business as the hero of your distinctive narrative.

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