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Wall Murals

Regardless of your business type – from entertainment hubs to corporate offices – blank walls represent untapped potential just waiting to be optimized.

With the help of a professional sign company, like Total SignWorks, leaders, like yourself, can take your business to new heights by curating the perfect environment with these customized sign solutions. Using wall murals, it’s possible to transform these areas with bursts of colour, branding, or designs to maximize your company’s impact with minimal effort.

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Learning About Custom Wall Murals?

Wall murals, crafted from thin, flexible vinyl sheets, use an adhesive backing to be applied directly to wall surfaces, instantly elevating the space. With digital printing and precision cutting, vinyl transforms into a customizable canvas with unparalleled versatility.  

Explore the benefits of vinyl mural wallpaper below:

Effortless Installation

Say goodbye to messy and disruptive renovations. Wall decals and wall murals offer a seamless installation process, efficiently refreshing spaces without interrupting enjoyable customer experiences.

Long-Lasting Coverage

Enjoy the enduring impact of vinyl wall coverings, providing up to a decade of durable, effective branding, advertising, or decorative solutions.

Endless Personalization Options

With wall mural wallpaper, the possibilities are nearly limitless. From immersive scenery to contemporary artwork, our sign designers collaborate closely with you to transform your unique vision into reality.

Unlock the Versatility of Wallpaper Murals

The first question a business leader asks is, “How can I utilize the unique capabilities of murals for my business?” With Total SignWorks, you don’t just choose a signage company – you gain a partner in success. Our team ensures you have endless information about the sign solution you choose, ensuring it’s the right fit for your unique business needs.

Discover the many applications of mural for your business:


Showcase your brand’s identity with custom wall decal stickers and murals. These tools are excellent at creating impactful statements that resonate with customers and foster brand recall.

Interior Design

Craft welcoming and aesthetically pleasing environments that elevate experiences, whether in medical offices or corporate spaces. Depending on your goals, we can base our designs for your custom wall murals on comfort and creativity or professionalism and aesthetics.

Mission Statements

Communicate your company’s values and aspirations with innovative wallpaper murals, serving as powerful introductions to your business ethos. Perfect for lobbies, entranceways, and waiting areas, this sign solution will impress visitors, stakeholders, and potential customers.

Partner with Total SignWorks for Your Wall Mural Needs

Total SignWorks is a Calgary-based signage partner that offers end-to-end services tailored to your unique requirements. From design inception to installation, we deliver premium, high-quality signage solutions that ensure you reap the maximum return on your investment.

Become a leader today by partnering with Total SignWorks. Give us a call to book your consultation and let us propel your business towards growth and continued success with custom murals.

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