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Channel Letter Signs

In Calgary’s competitive commercial landscape, having a professional sign won’t suffice for standing out amongst your competitors. Companies need a bold strategy that not only grabs attention but also empowers the customer within your unique brand narrative. That’s where custom channel letters emerge as a strategic solution.

Total SignWorks understands the significance of positioning your business at the forefront of commercial success. We specialize in crafting custom channel letters that illuminate your message and serve as a rallying point for your target audience.

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Discover Our Selection of Illuminated Channel Letters

Our team of dedicated sign makers use premium materials, cutting-edge fabrication technologies, and energy-efficient LED lights to bring your vision to life. Explore the different styles we offer:

Front-Lit Channel Letters

These signs are constructed with a translucent acrylic sign face and aluminum sides to make a durable, long-lasting display. Each hollow letter contains a brilliant LED lighting system inside. When these signs are illuminated, they create a dazzling and eye-catching glow that can be seen from far away.

Back-Lit Channel Letters

If you’re looking for sleek and modern channel letter signs, back-lit letters are the answer. LED lights are installed behind the sign and directed toward the wall they are mounted on. When activated, they create a halo of light that outlines the sign’s design, creating a memorable display.

Combination-Lit Channel Letters

If you can’t decide which LED-lit channel letters are right for you, consider combination-lit signs. These signs offer maximum visibility by incorporating both front-lit and backlit lighting systems.

Open-Face Channel Letters

These illuminated channel letters feature the same three-dimensional construction but no sign face, exposing the internal lighting system to create a marquee-style aesthetic. These signs can be illuminated with LED neon lights or LED bulbs for those who prefer a vintage look.

Unleash the Power of Custom Channel Letter Signs

By partnering with us at Total SignWorks, you’re not just investing in personalized, high-quality signage; – you’re investing in your brand’s journey to success. Custom channel letters help to accelerate your long-term goals – whether they are to drive more customer traffic or strengthen your marketing campaigns – with the following benefits:

24/7 Advertising

While digital platforms may dominate the marketing landscape, nothing beats the effectiveness of traditional signage. Studies show one on-site sign costs $0.02 for every 1000 views. Our custom channel letters ensure your company’s investment shines bright, day or night, maximizing your business’s marketing ROI.

Improved Visibility

At night or in poor weather conditions, channel letter signs light the way for potential customers with unmatched clarity. Let your business become a landmark in Calgary by drawing in new patrons with ease.

Bold Brand Statement

Your storefront isn’t just an indication of your business; it’s a canvas for your brand story. Our storefront channel letters transform mundane facades into vibrant displays, leaving a lasting brand impression on passersby.

Your Trusted Channel Letter Manufacturer

At Total SignWorks, we don’t just craft signs – we craft unique experiences. Our commitment to excellence begins with our clients, ensuring your project is curated to your specific needs, executed on time and within budget, and an enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Let us guide you seamlessly throughout this journey, propelling you towards a brighter future for your business. Ready to start your custom channel letter sign? Give us a call today and let’s shine a spotlight on your success story together

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