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In bustling cities like Calgary, the spotlight often shines on external signage, marking their unmistakable presence and impact. Yet, in this flurry of action, the resonance of interior signs should not be underestimated. These signs don’t merely exist – they orchestrate the customer experience, offering vital information, guiding their journey, and crafting a unique brand image.

Within the signage realm, Total SignWorks stands out as an expert for office signage. We don’t just provide sign solutions for your office; we curate strategic solutions that are tailored to elevate productivity and emphasize the potential your business has.

Step into your role as a leader by maximizing your business’s success with signage from a reliable office sign company like Total SignWorks. Our team will guide you effortlessly through the realm of possibilities, unlocking hidden potential along the way.

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What type of signage are you looking for?

Explore Our Selection of Custom Office Signs

With our comprehensive list of sign solutions, you will discover the perfect option for your needs, whether they are wayfinding or branding. Our extensive options include:

Office Door Signs

These signs are installed on or near doors, identifying rooms or offices and assisting with wayfinding in professional environments.


These signs do more than just display names and titles; they symbolize an employee’s hard work and career success, providing well-deserved recognition.

Office Lobby Signs

Are you ready to make a lasting impression on guests entering your company? Personalize lobby signs to welcome visitors and establish your branding, using materials like crystal-clear acrylic or illumination.

Conference Room Signs

This type of office door sign facilitates meeting room schedules. For flexibility, consider changeable inserts that communicate if a room is occupied or digital signs that display a day’s bookings in real-time

Unlock the Benefits of Office Signs

Partnering with a professional office sign company is the most effective and efficient way to curate a personalized signage strategy that offers the following benefits:

Boost Employee’s Morale

A well-designed office positively impacts staff morale, fosters productivity, and creates a comfortable atmosphere for focused work.

Optimize Productivity

Office signs and conference room signs contribute to organizational efficiency, saving time and money by swiftly identifying rooms and reducing the risk of errors or interruptions.

Create a Professional Image

Your office’s environment significantly influences a visitor’s perception of your business’s quality. Ensure a positive experience for any visitors with professional signage, whether a welcoming office lobby sign or implementing a cohesive signage strategy.

Your Reliable Office Sign Company in Calgary

For signage with streamlined processes, enhanced branding, and a professional reflection on an office’s atmosphere, partner with Total SignWorks.

Our team is ready to provide your business with premium signage products that are customized to your unique needs. As a local, full-service sign company, we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients, guaranteeing that their voice is heard, and suggestions are integrated. We strive to build long-lasting relationships by empowering our clients to achieve the growth and success they know is possible.

Contact us today to kickstart your signage journey, where we will deliver value from start to finish!

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