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Areas We Serve

Did you know that 35% of customers have reported not seeing a business due to inadequate signage? Prevent this from happening to your business by working with Total SignWorks to create signage that captures attention and never gets missed!

In Calgary, signs aren’t just symbols; they are your key to triumph in the business world. They identify your business, beckon customers, distinguish you from competitors, and establish your presence into a landmark. This investment gives you the chance to stand apart from other businesses, outfitting you with the right materials to foster growth and success.

Total SignWorks is dedicated to making you the focal point of your brand’s story, by providing impactful sign solutions. Regardless of your business size, model, or industry, our collaborative team ensures your needs are not only met but surpassed in each of our signage projects.

Reach out to us to explore how our sign company in Calgary can support you on your journey to success.

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Tailoring Signage for Your Industry

Choosing the right signage is an essential step forward for your business, and it entails aligning your business with the specific demands of your industry. Each industry has a unique customer profile, and your wants, needs, and desires lead the way. The personalization of signage allows you to represent your business accurately, compelling the right customers to pay a visit.

At Total SignWorks, your signage is more than just a sign; it offers a glimpse into your brand, signaling who you are as a business. From corporate businesses to retail stores, we tailor our signs in Calgary to achieve the goals your business has set.

Browse the following industries to learn about the types of sign solutions we can curate for you:


Your signage isn’t just a display, identifying your business to hungry customers. It’s an announcement that generates excitement about your unique offerings. Whether you choose window graphics, A-frame signs, or electronic signboards, watch your foot traffic flourish with each installation.


In the hospitality industry, your customer experience should be an epic tale. Give your visitors, clients, and employees something to tell their friends, family members, and loved ones. From wayfinding signs to cabinet signs, signs will become essential chapters in your business’s unforgettable story.

Retail Businesses

Increase foot traffic and sales with the right signs. Whether eye-catching hanging signs or vibrant wall graphics, turn your store into a saga by marketing new products and enticing potential customers with every twist and turn.

Healthcare Facilities

Clear, communicative signage enhances the productivity, efficiency, and organization of your Calgary healthcare business. Choose wayfinding signs, safety signs, and more to provide the necessary support for your clients.

Educational Institutions

Signs play a crucial role in fostering a positive learning environment, becoming the beaconing light in your institution. Options like wall murals, room number signs, and floor graphics contribute to fostering an enjoyable, productive workspace for both students and staff.

Professional Services

For businesses in professional services, effective signage is your emblem of professionalism and reliability. Consider lobby signs, name plaque signs, and door signs for your Calgary business, to show consumers that you are paving the way to success.

Delivering Sign Solutions Locally

As a local Calgary sign company, we are dedicated to the success of local businesses, regardless of their size or industry. Our sign solutions prioritize your ROI, providing unmatched value for you to grow, prosper, and succeed.

Total SignWorks is proud to supply innovative designs and captivating graphics to businesses in and around Calgary, including the following areas:

If your business is in any of these areas, seize the opportunity to begin our exciting partnership. We look forward to achieving great feats together.

Collaborate with Us

Total SignWorks isn’t just a sign company in Calgary; we are your partner in success, guiding you through a triumphant signage journey.

Our team, using diverse perspectives and approaches, ensures a creative and unique signage odyssey for you. In such a competitive landscape, our carefully crafted signs will make your business the star of an exciting brand story and guide your customer experience perfectly. With our professional team by your side, your signage will become the legend you want it to be.

Take the first step toward success by giving us a call today. Discover how Total SignWorks can elevate your business to new heights, with you as the undisputed hero.