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Pole Signs

Are you looking for strategic solutions that will position your business center stage within your industry?

Business leaders in Calgary are constantly vying for more consumers, which requires finding new, creative ways of attracting their attention. If you’re seeking to elevate your advertising and marketing efforts to unprecedented heights, one signage element stands out as a distinctive beacon: pole signs.

Position your brand above the competition – literally – by partnering with Total SignWorks. Our seasoned team of experts is poised to craft and install a pole sign that transcends the ordinary. We will collaborate with you to ensure your new sign solution meets your needs, whether they are attracting new patrons, amplifying your branding, or boldly announcing your business presence.

Let’s take your business to new marketing heights together. Contact us to begin your custom sign project.

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What type of signage are you looking for?

The Essence of Pole Signs

Pole signs are the epitome of outdoor signage grandeur, boasting towering statures, ranging between six and 24 meters. These eye-catching installations typically feature a single pole crowned with a lightbox or signboard; although, some designs feature dual poles for enhanced stability.

With their commanding height, pole signs effortlessly catch the eye of passersby on busy roads or highways, even from afar. Their prominence acts as a guide, directing potential customers to your establishment.

Various industries in Calgary can harness the power of these signs, including: 

Pole signs offer business leaders a blank slate, ready to be customized to reflect what your business stands for. Tailor them effortlessly with your branding, logo, and slogans to craft a captivating visual display that resonates with your target audience.

Tailored Solutions, Towering Impact

When you enlist Total SignWorks, expect a collaborative journey to achieve sign perfection. We ensure your design is tailored to your vision and objectives, making your sign a perfect representative for your brand. Our customization options include:

Double-Sided Pole Sign

Command attention from all angles with these versatile installations, ensuring your message reaches both vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Lightbox Pole Sign

Transform conventional storefront signage with lightbox poles signs. They emanate unparalleled visibility, particularly at night or in poor lighting conditions.

LED Pole Sign

Immerse your audience in an eye-catching display of real-time text, graphics, and animation, courtesy of digital pole signs equipped with LED screens.

Access the Advantages of Pole Signs in Calgary

Maximize Location’s Visibility

Did you know 35% of consumers said they wouldn’t know where a business is located without a sign? Guarantee your storefront is unmissable, as this sign guides customers directly to your doors.

Encourage Impulse Sales

Convert casual observers into eager patrons with strategically placed signage. Boost your customer traffic effortlessly by capitalizing on impulsive shoppers swayed by your new signage.

Permanent Advertising Solution

Invest in enduring outdoor signage that delivers round-the-clock advertising, making an indelible impression every day.

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Ready to take your business to new heights?

Trust the experts at Total SignWorks, where innovation meets excellence. Our local, full-service sign company guarantees a seamless experience, from design to installation. We ensure our clients are positioned at the forefront of our signage journey, granting them complete control over their project’s development.

Whether you’re looking to establish your business or entice new streams of customer traffic, our team is always ready to devise a strategic signage solution that fits your needs.

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